The Conspiracy against the #Suryanelli Gang #Rape Victim


kurien_defiant2_338x225In 1996, in the town of Suryanelli, in Kerala, a 16-year-old girl was abducted and brutally gang-raped by 42 men over a 40 day period.  This has become one of the most high profile cases about the brutality of gang-rape and sex-trafficking in India, and yet 16 years on the Indian system has failed to give justice to the victim.

Since under Indian law, rape victims cannot be named, she has become known as “the Suryanelli girl.”

The Suryanelli girl was a shy child who grew up in the sheltered confines of Catholic boarding schools, since her father, a postmaster, and her mother, a nurse, had to move often for new job assignments.  In 1994, she moved back home with her parents, where she relocated to a new boarding school closer to their home amid the hills and tea gardens of Suryanelli.  Every weekend she would take the bus to…

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