New Palestinian campaign to support Druze conscientious objectors

Random Shelling قصف عشوائي

Budour Hassan
Published in MiddleEastMonitor


The snow storm that hit Palestine was at its peak on 17 December 2013, but that did not prevent dozens of Palestinian youth from climbing up Carmel Mountain to protest in support of imprisoned Druze conscientious objectors.

While most Palestinians who hold Israeli citizenship are exempt from serving in the Israeli occupation army, compulsory military service has been imposed on young Palestinian Druze men since 1956 following an agreement between a few un-elected leaders of the minority Druze community and the Zionist State.

The week leading up to the December action was exceptional, as four young Druze publicly announced their refusal to enlist in the Israeli army. Among them were musician Omar Saad, Mahmoud Saad, Seif Abu Seif, and Nizar Abu Hammoud, who were simultaneously imprisoned alongside other Druze refusers who chose to remain anonymous. Detained in Atlit military prison south of occupied…

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