Iran willing to give Assad up on two conditions, say Iranian regime insiders: report

02-02-2015: After betting on Bashar al-Assad’s survival and providing him with support for four years and counting, which has enabled the regime to survive to date, Iran has abandoned the idea that he can remain in power indefinitely, with his deposal looming, according to an interview with Iranian regime officials published in the Saudi paper Al Watan
The Iranian officials said that the regime in Tehran will be willing to abandon Assad on condition that:
1. The Iranian regime’s significant gains in Syria in the past few years are preserved, including real estate, lands and facilities purchased by Tehran, and
2. All existing agreements between Tehran and the regime be honoured by whatever authority replaces Assad.

In the interview, the Iranian officials hinted that the Tehran regime had changed its mind on retaining Assad given the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their determination to attain the revolution’s goals and depose the Assad regime, despite their horrendous ordeal over the past few years.

The Iranian officials said that protecting its significant gains made by Iran in Syria [via ethnic cleansing and purchases of already ‘cleansed’ areas from the Assad regime] would be a primary condition for the Tehran regime to give up its support for Assad, adding that Iran has injected massive sums of money to purchase properties and land in Syria as a means to bolster its power in Syrian territory and maintain its influence in the event of the regime’s fall.

Former SNC president Hadi al-Bahra reacted angrily to the report, saying that the Syrian people would not forgive the Tehran regime for its support of al-Assad, without which the dictator would be unable to continue his relentless bombing of civilians by ground and air using every kind of weapon. He added that Hezbollah had entered Syria on Iran’s orders, along with tens of thousands of other members of foreign militias backed by Tehran, which he said has spent billions of dollars to date on maintaining Assad in power. He added that the SNC rejects any Iranian presence in Syria

Al-Bahra said that even if the leaks from the Iranian officials are correct he can foresee no real change in Tehran’s policy towards Syria. He stressed that the Syrian people’s blood is not cheap and the massive sacrifices made by the people to oust the Assad regime would not be in vain, adding that in addition to genocide and Assad’s multiple other crimes against humanity, he and his backers are responsible for the forced displacement and exile of over half the population and for the maiming, detention and torture of millions more.


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