Extreme suffering in Yarmouk camp, interview with Wesam Sabaaneh

Radio Free Syria

10174813_651077838291779_4002391486313071491_nInterview with Wesam Sabaaneh by Fouad Rouieha.

Wesam is a young Palestinian who is active in Jafra, a community organisation that assists the people of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria. He kindly and graciously agreed to an audio interview for the Italian and International public, which he even would have given in English, if the interviewer were not a native speaker of Arabic. This interview is the English translation of the Italian translation of the Arabic original. (Interview and Italian translation by Fouad Rouieha and English translation by Mary Rizzo)

Let’s start by describing what Yarmouk is…

The Yarmouk refugee camp is in the south of Damascus. It extends for over seven square kilometres and is close to central districts such as Midan Zahir. In short, it is part of the urban fabric of the capital. Before the start of the revolt there were almost 700,000 residents, 220,000 of…

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