They are not ‘Wives of Jihadists’ they are child soldiers

The Inner Musings of an Idealist


Over the last week I’ve heard and read a lot of different descriptions and opinions in the debate surrounding the three British school girls who have gone to join Isis in Syria. Some argue that these girls are ‘she devils’ who are intelligent enough to understand the consequences of their actions. Others believe they have fallen victim to an organisation that systematically grooms impressionable teenagers and being an A*student does not mean you are immune to such manipulation. While I whole heartedly agree with the latter I actually think those advocating it are missing the most vital point, which is we need to stop referring to these girls as ‘Wives of Jihadists’ and instead start using the term child soldiers.

I imagine for many people this term might seem completely inappropriate. After all these girls are not like the children kidnapped and forced to fight as part of the…

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