Izmir, Minor Asia, a bloodbath of the past


Greek women of minor asia especially those of the town of Smirni, were growing up different from the greeks of the continental greece. At that time, in what we identify as greece of today, the territory, few women were educated and mainly up to the elementary level and most were field workers. For sure existed exceptions but women in greece at that time were mostly oppressed with their only goal to marry. Females had to be modest, good housewives and to be accept anything under the burden of the husband. Greeks of cosmopolitan Smirni were members of a commercial, administrative and industrial elite. Under those circumstances, were created establishments of education that offered their female students the education that was necessary for the role the Greek Smirni woman had in the society. In those establishments learning of two languanges, english and french, was obligatory due to the professional duties that were likely to be bound with in their future, since Smirni traders often cooperated with foreign companies. Concurrently they were trained in hygiene, cooking and sewing for the wife’s role and mother. It is after all known the importance that Smirni women gave to hygiene and elaborate appearance. It was alos obligatory to learn phonetics, music, dance and gymnastics while many students continued their studies in universities. The woman of Smirni and in the wider area (Agia Paraskevi, Kordelio (was independent, smart, very educated, always presentable and a wife and mother capable of supporting her family with her good and detailed manners and to transfer her values and ideals to her children. It is also interesting that some believe that the position of women in Smirni was better that was is the position of women in modern greece. They base this fact that Smirni women were more respected and valued from the other gender that most modern greek women are today.





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