• orientnewsenAn Iranian delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Ferhad Zerki, discussed on Thursday in #Damascus, with Assad’s prime minister, Imad Khamis, repayment mechanisms of Assad regime’s debts borrowed from Iran, which are estimated to be .4 billion #US dollars, according to special sources.
    The two parties agreed on repayment of the debts through giving #Iran the Syrian phosphate after establishing a joint company for this purpose. The joint company is going to supervise the extraction and exportation of the product to Iran, the same sources told The New Arab.
    Another way to repay the debt to Iran is establishing a new mobile phone carrier in Syria, to be the third in addition to the currently operating two.
    Iran and Assad regime signed, last month, seven agreements.
    They included electric power, transportation, water resources, building grain silos and mills, joint petroleum projects. They also included providing food supplies, oil derivatives, and spare parts for factories and industrial institutions, in addition to cooperation in the fields of health, agriculture, communications, and scientific medical researches, according to the same sources.
    The sources affirmed that these agreements with Tehran will enable Iran to completely control the Syrian economy since #Assad regime has given Iran the most lucrative sectors like oil, power, and foods.


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