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An Architecture for Privacy, Syria

Iran imposes Shiite prayers on new areas in Deir al-Zour

  18 Apr, 2019 12:17    Syria

Iran imposes Shiite prayers on new areas in Deir al-Zour

Syria Call:

Iranian militias have imposed Shiite call for prayers in new areas of Deir al-Zour province, after it was imposed on mosques in the cities of al-Bokamal and al-Mayadeen earlier.

Local sources confirmed that the militias built a new chapel in the “Ayyash” district of the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour and raised the Shiite call for prayers publicly.

The militias have forced both the preachers and imams of al-Mayadeen, al-Bokamal and a number of villages surrounding them to raise the call and threatened the violators with arrest, coinciding with the provision of reward and raising the wages of those committed to the decision.

Iran has stepped up its efforts to spread Shiism in the eastern region of Syria, where it opened a special office in Deir Al-Zour a few days ago to provide salaries and financial rewards to residents of the region in return for their conversion to Iran’s doctrine.

At that time of death, only the spiritually intelligent events in your life, or conscious decisions that you made in your spiritual journey will shine in multicolor!

Words of Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda!

Understand, the disciple will not know about his ignorance because he is in darkness. The responsibility is of the person who is in the light, not of the person who is in darkness. You don’t know how many births you have struggled or prayed to have a master. You are not even aware of your own true yearning. Understand, for a master to happen in your life, it is not a joke. You yourself don’t know how many births you have struggled and prayed intensely to have a glimpse of a living master.

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Solutions to Violent Memorization as War against Children in Educational System

“Gurukul is a place where celebration begins with right words
in the blossoming minds creating a gateway of possibilities.
Creating an enlightened civilization with yogic body and vedic mind.”
~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Indian Education System

Contemporary Education
The Nithyanada Gurukul

“The current system of education established by Macaulay and Max Muller in India is the ‘non-involving narrative style’ of teaching. The original Indian education system was not about continuously giving words, ideas, concepts, theories or theologies. It was about awakening you o the right context – Enlightenment. The Indian Education System – the Gurukul – is more of a‘transmission’ of the knowledge, rather than mere ‘transfer’ of knowledge.

My Gurukul kids willnot use their body as a ‘PC’ that merely processes information that is fed to it. They will functionas the ‘internet’, accessing knowledge from the cosmic archives and having their own inventionsand discoveries’’

Understand education means putting set of ideas into your head and forcing you to conform to it. Pressurizing you to memorize it and forcibly making you vomit. In gurukul there is no education’, there is only initiations. Initiation means empowering you with powers and letting you play with it and letting you manifest your specialization and letting you grow and glow. There is only one thing SHAKTIPADA that is all. Constantly you are empowered, asked to explore.”

~ Paramahamsa Nithyanada

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‘Real risk’ of refugees freezing to death in Syria after rains destroy shelters

Rebecca Ratcliffe

Sat 12 Jan 2019 07.00 GMT Last modified on Sat 12 Jan 2019 07.02 GMT

As temperatures fall, aid workers warn of danger to at least 11,000 people across Idlib, with storms also battering camps in Lebanon

At least 11,000 child refugees and their families are facing a weekend of freezing temperatures with no shelter, after torrential rains across Syria’s Idlib province swept away tents and belongings.

Aid workers warn there is a real risk people will simply freeze to death as temperatures have already dropped to -1C, amid a shortage of blankets and heating fuel.

The shelters of Syrian refugees inside Lebanon have also been battered by high winds, rain and snow this week, according to UNHCR, which says 361 sites have been affected.

Camps in the border town of Arsal have been buried in snow, while settlements in the central and west Bekaa areas, where there has been heavy flooding, have experienced even worse damage. It is forecast that rains will begin again on Sunday.

On Thursday, the UN confirmed an eight-year-old Syrian girl died in Lebanon after slipping and falling into a river during the storm.

In north-west Syria, Save the Children is distributing plastic sheeting to displaced families. Caroline Anning, Syria advocacy and communications manager for the charity, said there were cases of babies freezing to death last year, and added that more people are vulnerable this winter.

“The number of people that moved into Idlib over the last year is huge and there is always the risk there will be more,” said Anning. “We saw, a couple of months ago, there was an escalation of violence in the south and thousands of people fled northwards. It’s a very tense situation.”

People carry blankets and mattresses at Atma camp. Photograph: Aaref Watad/AFP/Getty Images

In Lebanon, 70,000 refugees, including almost 40,000 children, are at risk of extreme weather, according to UNHCR. “It has stopped raining and snowing now but it’s still very cold and we are expecting another storm starting this Sunday,” said Lisa Abou Khaled, public information officer for UNHCR in Lebanon. “We are worried that the upcoming storm may cause more damage, especially in informal tented settlements in Bekaa and in the north,” she added.